Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting the hands in

Getting very good volume in so far this month, have played 8.5k hands so far in 3 days. Unforuntately Im down almost $2k. Running really really bad, playing quite well though and have had lots of very interesting hands. Played a 4 hour session there this evening at RUSH poker and lost 10buyins at 1/2. Won 3 at 50/1 but ran shocking. I think I played very well during the session. In the space of about 15 mins I just didnt win a hand and lost about 8 stacks. The thing I am very happy about was that I didnt tilt and managed to recover about $500 but should really have been a lot more.

Going to take tomorrow off as will be too tired in the morning and have astro in the evening. No harm to after taking a battering this evening.

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