Monday, April 20, 2009


Not a whole lot going on really, have been playing away at 100nl mainly until I get to 50buyins for 200nl. Not to much further to go right now. I still have played a few 200nl hands when the gams are really good but mainly 100nl HU and 6max. I did manage to get a seat with direct position on a midstakes fish so I sat in and we played a 1.3k pot which I won, was ahead on each street and he paid me off with 2nd pair on a board that had a lot of draws but they all bricked, I had a full house so that was ok. It was a nice boost to the bankroll which takes my winnings for the month up to $2.5k so far.

I've been trying to get tickets for the Man Utd vs Man City game but not having any luck so far, the flights over are cheap enough so if I could manage to get 2 tickets now I would be sorted. I have been trying Viagogo but still havn't managed to pick any up, the tickets get snapped up as soon as someone puts them on sale. So I'm basically refreshing the page every few minutes while I am online.

I tried out MiniMaxMod for ipoker and I have to say that it is really really good. I was never one for using scripts while playing poker but this program does all that for you and even better it resizes the talbes so that you make them smaller because the ipoker software is so terrible it only gives you 2 table size options with one being too big and the other being too small and they are also badly laid out.

Thats it for now...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


April has been really swingy so far. I've been playing a lot of 100nl 6max and I have found it hard to adjust to these games after having not played them for over 6 month and also I have been used to playing mid stakes for so long and I seem to forget at times that 100nl players do not play or think like 400nl players which has lead me spew quite a lot. I am also playing too loose at these stakes, playing tighter and better postflop is were I will make money from these guys so I've been trying to do that and I am having much better results.

I have also being playing HU but not doing great at that as I just lose patience to much and I am always afraid that the guy will quit and run off so I try even harder to win it back off him which usually ends up in me losing more to him. So I know what all my mistakes are I just need to implement them. I have even being playing 50nl HU because my mate from the last post moved down levels so I sat in with him there. I actually had a losing session to him a few days ago were he was running so unreal hot that I just quit him as I wasn't really in the mood to play him. It's also no harm to let him win now and again as he is down a lot of money to me and I want to give him some encouragement to play me. Hustling FTW!!! Got it all back with good interest the following day so no damage done really.

I've played a few hundred PLO hands as well but don't really have a clue what I am at there yet so will try and watch some beginner videos on that soon. I also bought into a PPP Irish Open qua lifer on Sunday night but lost a flip and got knocked out in 24th or so, had I of won that flip I would have been in pretty good shape for a ticket but it wasn't to be. Results so far this month I am up about $600 or so which isn't to bad considering I was up $900 and then back down at -$600 all of which was in the space of 5k hands or so. Volume has also being pretty good this month with me having played about 9k hands already.

Irish Open is on this weekend and I had planned on giving the super satellite and the last online qualifier on PPP another go but won't be doing that now. I was also planning on heading out to it for a while over the weekend but not sure if I will be back in Dublin for this now. I guess if my some miracle that I get bought into this I will come back up and play it but otherwise I plan on spending the weekend in Donegal.

I also had really terrible news yesterday morning when my mum rang me at 8.15am and I just knew before I answered the phone that this wasn't going to be good news. My uncle/godfather died of a massive heart attack that night which devastated me when I heard it. I really was in such shock and cried for the first time in a long long time. I am heading down to Letterkenny for the wake now and the funeral is tomorrow. When things like this happen it really puts bad beats into perspective.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I found my best friend :)

So I came back from a break, or more of a half break I would say as I played some tournaments for the week I didn't play cash games, not much success in them apart from a few satellite wins. I got an Irish Open satellite ticket out of it which I must play tomorrow night as there doesn't seem to be a hope in hell of me getting an Irish Open ticket any other way :( :(

So when I returned to cash I found a guy on ipoker who recovered me from a near 3k loss into a winning month which I am gratefull to him for. I think this guy deserves a graph of his own against me were I will display his stats vs mine and we can examine the difference!!! Only joking about the examining!! Here it is:

Bad news is that I think I have busted him, poor guy was actually a winning player if he take out the 48buyins he lost to me which is really really sick when I think of it. When I played him earlier he wouldn't top up once he fell below 100bb which he always used to before but he let himself wittle down to 21bb earlier and then quit, lets hope hes wins a big tournament soon or gets paid or whatever.

My own actual graph for last month is quite disturbing looking, I played so so bad at the start of this month and went on tilt so often while playing in heads up games which you MUST avoid or else your winrate will suffer so badly. All in all the month wasn't so bad as I made about 1.2k from cash games including bonuses which I am happy to take considering how bad I was doing when I last posted.

In other poker news I am doing good in the boylesports HU league with me winning 4 games from 5 against some very good opponents so hopefully I can string a few more wins together and challenge for first place and a really nice price.

So I have some goals for next month:

Play more 6max and get good at it again
Keep playing heads up games
Withdraw $2k from my roll for savings account and still be in profit for the month
By some miracle play in the Irish Open
Move back up to 200nl 6max when I have 50buyins for it
Play 2k PLO hands, HM just added support for it so want to give it a go now

Thats it for now, more regular updates to follow once again I hope