Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting out of it

Still in the midst of my worst ever downswing in cash games but I am about about half way out of the $14k that has troubled me for about the last 4-5 months. Have been really picky with game selection in the last month which has no doubt helped me win at the rate I currently am. I've been playing as little tables as I can, often only 2 6max at times but I could have up to 10 open in the background waiting for people to sit with me at HU tables from 100nl up to 400nl. I would basically play anyone at 100nl HU no matter how good they are on PTR but at 200nl and 400nl I am not going to be playng someone that I don't think I have a decent edge on.

Hopefully as my bankroll grows I will be able to play anyone at 200nl and be less selective at 400nl as even though I have been playing fish mainly at this level I have managed to lose over $1k at this game alone. But this is really nothing as its not even 3buyins which is just nothing at HU but my point is that its a lot for me and the less edge I have on someone the more chance I have of losing buyins!! But at 100nl its good to play stronger players as it improves your game as there are much less fish as you move up the stakes and inevitably you meet better and tougher opponents so I need to be able to hold my own against these types.

Heading over to Liverpool tomorrow, staying there Saturday night before I get the train to Manchester in the morning for my first game at Old Trafford. Really looking forward to the match vs Fulham as I have wanted to see a Man Utd game since I was about 7 or 8. So hopefully Rooney will continue his form and actually plays on Sunday and United can stay top for the rest of the season now :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Overdue update

Havn't updated in a long time as I have been on the worst run of my life up until the last 2 weeks I guess. Things turned around for me last weekend when I came first in a tournament for $3900 and I won some money in cash games for a change as well as collecting some rakeback and bonus ended up making this one of my most profitable months ever.

Have been up until now playing in tournaments, played about 10 tonight. Most went really bad apart from 2 on ipoker were I was going well in the Irish Open supersat until I shoved allin with A8o for a lot of chips only to get a very relucatant call from QQ. Then in the 250k guarantee I was going really well with about 65 people left and I was over the average chips but my 99 could not hold vs A8 which crippled me, would have moved into the top 10 in chips had a club not fell on the river. Ended up cashing for $1k in that.

Also played a load of other tournaments but probably broke even at the end of them. So after things going well in the last 2 weeks my bankroll has got a considerable boost and I am back in the green for the year now so hopefully onwards and upwards from here on now. With WSOP coming up in July, I would really love to be able to go back again this year so have a lot of hard work and some luck needed before July.