Thursday, May 21, 2009

A very very bad session

Was about to go to bed at around 10pm but went on PC for a few minutes first and then checked to see what fish were online. My biggest buddy fish who I was up 7k against before tonight was sitting at 6 HU tables so I just seen the $ signs in my head and couldn't resist. The guy has been feeding me all year took me for $1571.65 today. It could be worse as I am still up $5.3k on him but today was just a real kick in the teath. I was on tilt since I was down about $200 on him and just kept donating to him and he kept calling with the nuts and 2nd nuts against my air. When I did value bet my top pair and trips or straights he always rivered with some 2 pair, flush, house or what ever.

So far this month I am up about $800 with rakeback and that to be added on but my bankroll is in bits after this month because I have withdrawn close to 5k and days like today don't help.

My bankroll is down to $4.5k right now so going to take a break for a few days and then come back fresher next week. Have a couple of things planed for the next few days so that should keep my away from the tables. I'm going to have to go back to 100nl for a while I think and grind out again. I could probably table select well at 200nl and just play a few tables on my roll but will see when I come back. It's so dissapointing as I had been playing pretty well for most of the month. But I gotta stick to some sort of bankroll management before I tilt off the rest of my roll.

Anyway time for bed

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice day

Friday, May 1, 2009


Good enough month overall I guess, online cash went well with me grinding almost 20k hands and also playing a few online tournaments but no success in them at all. Played a few satellites for the WSOP on Stars but had not joy in them at all which cost me several hundred dollars but I guess it will cost a bit more to qualify for a 12k package unless I get really lucky.

Cash went fine with me moving up to 200nl near the end of the month and even taking a shot at 600nl and 1knl when there was a big fish on, this made me $600 odd at 600nl and I lost about $300 at 5/10 so was still profitable. Felt pretty scary having 1k on the table again as I havn't played over 100nl or 200nl in about 3 months. Yesterday was a bit of a crap day when I lost $600 where I ran terrible but it didn't even come close to evening out how well I ran this month in total which was pretty sweeeet. Also I have had 6 winning months in a row which feels good :)

Heading to Liverpool tomorrow for a Stag party which should be fun. I havn't been on one before so looking foward to it. Will be trying to get tickets to see the Pool vs Newcastle match as well which will be tough to get I would imagine. I was working down in South Hill in Limerick today which was a nice eye opener to say the least. I took a few photos and video clips, might try to put them to music in the next few days.

Graph for the month is below as usual: