Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 days in, 20k hands played

On track so far to reach my goal of 60k hands this month. I have avergaed 2k hands per day so far but the results have been very poor thus far. I really need to get it into my head at the start of a session that people do make hands and are not playing back at me all the time. I sometimes get the idea in my head that this is going on and just spew of a couple of buyins. Its the mental side of my game that I have the biggest problem with. Skill wise I think I am pretty good and will win a lot of pots but I just 5b shove too much and its probably one of my biggest leaks along with calling too much.

Im just after a short 40min session and won $500 and felt I played very well. Managed not to spew at all and won a couple of hands which was nice. Overall I am down $1.3k so far but will keep grinding at it and hopefully can post a winning 60k hand graph. I just need to focus on the mental side and take a few minutes at the start of each session to play calmly and in the right mindset. This is such a crucial part of the game so really need to start getting this right.

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