Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly Update and playing for pure fun

Have had a good enough week poker wise, didn't get many hands in at all at 50nl but was very happy with how I played at it. I really loosened up my game from what I was playing at 100nl. It's just so much easier to do it at 50nl though. But the idea is to be able to do the same at higher limits. I haven't played many hands at all just because I decided to go back to Donegal for the weekend to see the family and stuff. On Saturday morning I sat in at a 100nl for a short while when a friend was online. I was just messing about open pushing over raises and just having a bit of fun with a $20 stack. Then I played some 0.01/0.02 just to play for pure fun, I was opening nearly every hand and chatting away to the other players in the chatbox. It was all good fun and enjoyed it immensely, its a break from the seriousness of the grinding. Had a few interesting hands that I posted on boards. Other than them there wasn't to much that was interesting. My stats for the week are shown below. Really happy with my LAG game at 50nl and I enjoy playing like this, it can be very spewy at times but this is quite hard to avoid when playing like that.
I also bought a desk for my laptop this week as it was just messing the kitchen table way to much and the girlfriend was getting a bit annoyed with it so I bowed to the pressure!!! So with the nice big desk I impulse bought a 22" Samsung moniter from Argos. I fully intend to take it back within the 16 days as I just bought it to see would I like it.

I played about 150 hands with it today and I didn't really like it so far. I'll give it a few more days before I decide wether I will buy one or not as this one is going back regardless. Its way to expensive in my opinion for what it offers. I would rather get one with 1920x1200 resolution as it would be much better for playing poker. But we will see how it goes.

Last thing is the bankroll now stands at $1584.17 so I just need to keep on building and try to get back playing 100nl as soon as possible.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Its going to be a fresh start

Not sure at the minute how cut out I am for poker. This year has went fairly well to be fair and I've made a bit of money at it. Up until the end of March my BR stood at $4.2k and I was beating 100nl for 4bb/100 which I was happy about to be honest. I then took a shot at 200nl and it went a total disaster, I tried to play my 100nl game at 200nl and I got destroyed to be honest. I lost 1k in about 500 hands playing badly.

Now I have taken out the remainder of my roll and put it into my bank account and I'm going to keep it as profits for the year and I'm left with $1150 which I'm going to use to play 50nl again and this time I am going to destroy it and try to kick out any mistakes I have in my game and just try to learn it better. I also plan on putting up weekly updates on here on Mondays.

The new plan is to take the $1150 bankroll and build it up to 3.5k and then start taking shots at 100nl. I'm also only going to play 4-6 tables and actually concentrate on my game and what others are doing but most importantly put more thought into my decision making and thought process.

Unitl next time......

Saturday, April 5, 2008