Monday, June 22, 2009

Run good continues

Had a really good week online and barely played at all!!! I qualified for another tournament in Vegas, it's a 21 person tournament were there will also be 6 pros/celebs, each of them has a bounty on their head worth a package to next years WSOP and $20k for the winner. Not many other details on it yet but should be fun. I booked my flights to Vegas, pretty dear at €809 and they are getting more and more expensive by the hour it seems.

I also just won the Serie BA HU league were I won 10 from 13 and took the title with a nice bonus of $2014. Also played about 3k hands online and done well there too winning about $1k so a decent week and right in time for Vegas as well which suits nicely. Will boost my bankroll a bit if I want to play some cash games over there or buy into any tournaments.

Not much else to report on, still unreal busy at work, put in a 6am - 12.30 greuling day last Thursday were I was so wrecked I had to book an hotel for the night as I was too tired to drive home which was an excellent decision.

Also, many thanks to all the comments left, really appreciated. Nice to know people read it now and again. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Going to Vegas

Just won my $13k all expenses paid package to Vegas for the World Series of Poker

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WSOP satellite night

I am registered for 3 WSOP satellites tonight. One on Everest, Ipoker and PokerStars. The really annoying thing is that they are all on at different times. Would suit me much better if they were on at the same time but they start at 6pm, 8pm and 9.30m respectively. I satellited into the $535 ipoker one, spun up $83 on my Everest account for the $503 buying and I bought directly into the $370 buyin for the PokerStars one. Satellites are by no means something I am good at but like every fish I may as well give it a try and hope to get lucky.

I have been trying some PLO at 50nl but it seems I am just as terrible at it. Played 200 hands today and just never won a hand and of course anytime I flop the nuts I get outdrawn in the sickest ways possible. But I am still going to keep trying at it. I have $1k set aside to get better at it with an account that has rakeback and a %600 sign up bonus so will just try keep trying to improve.

Thats it for now, bit of work to do shortly but then I will be back on this evening trying to luckbox a WSOP ticket, laters.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back at it

So after my last post I took a break for around 10 days which was refreshing. By the end of it I was looking forward to playing again. Breaks from poker are good as it can become quite consuming at times and after the last session I had it was definetly time to take a break from it. The month ended up respectable at the end of it but still not anywhere near were I want to be to cover my withdrawels each month. By the middle of May I was well on track to my best month ever but I had 2-3 very tilting session were I had 3 days of between $1.2k and $1.7k loses which were mostly from tilt and playing terribly.

I used to have this problem quite bad last year also but I managed to overcome it by quiting early on, for some reason I havn't being able to do that this month and will have to work on it. Someone said to me that you should just quit when you have made an amount that you are happy with but this amount is hard to define and also not a good idea to quit if you are playing well and the games are good. Quiting when playing bad and when the games are bad is a must though. There is no point in being down $1k and lets say your hourly rate is $50/hr and trying to grind back your $1k, in reality this should take you 20 hours to get back so whats the point in playing that extra one hour. I think at HU games this doesn't apply as much as you can be playing some guy who just ran really hot and is sitting there with your money. It's impossible and unwise to leave quit this guy if you are can let the loses unaffect you as you know that this guy is just in for a gamble and is going to donate all your money to some regular who you never have a hope of getting it back again.

So the results for the month are fair, I'm on a good streak of winning months at the moment with 7 winning months in a row now with an avergae hourly of $35 plus all the bonuses and rakeback which would probably bring it closer to $50. Graph and stats for the month are below, I had taken some shots at higher stakes when the games were good and my bankroll was about double what it currently is now due to withdrawing.

Also one last thing I am now top of the Boylesports HU league with 2 games to go, I think 3rd spot is guaranteed for me now, but really want to go on an win it. Hopefully I don't jinx myself now as its just over $2k for the win. One time!!!