Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 is over

Well it is for my poker anyway. My last day was a bit crap and a poor way to end the year finishing down -$1.2k in very few hands without doing a whole lot wrong really. The month overall was pretty good I guess, I had $4k in winnings and have played hands at all limits from 100nl to 1knl and the only one were I was a loser at was 100nl. 400nl is still remaining to be really tough and high variance for me with 5 days this month with loses between $1k to $2.5k but also had my best ever winning day this month of $3.2k.

I'm off down to Cork now to see the girlfriend and bring her back up to Donegal for New Year's Eve and then back to Dublin after that so lots of driving for me over the next few days which I ain't looking forward to at all. I'm half considering driving to Dublin and then onto Cork because half the road that way is Motorway but going down the midlands would be a lot shorter. The prospect of either ain't to appealing right now.

My quick review of 2009 is basically:

$13k online cash winnings
€2k tournament winnings
$1.5k live cash winnings
~ $8k rakeback
Fingers crossed for an Irish Open ticket.

Aspirations for next year are:

Keep up the coaching
$50k in online cash winnings
Play the Irish Open
Qualify for the WSOP ME
Play a WSOP side event
Be the future star of Irish Poker (Thanks Gary Clarke!! :) )

Personal goals are to:

Get good at golf
Go back to the gym and complete a triathlon
Do well in my career as a telecommunications engineer
Start saving money from poker on a monthly basis and use it to buy something really nice like a house deposit or nice car!!

So that's it for 2009, next year will see my start the year with a bankroll of $15k and hopefully this time next year will be killing the 5/10 games on the internet.

Good luck to anyone who read this this year and a Happy New Year to you all