Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Update

November was a decent enough month. I got the most amount of hands so far this year and had a winning month. I also finished my Irish Open promotion and I am now waiting to get my hands on the ticket. I played a few tournaments this month also.

First one was the Bruce Poker €250 and didn't do great, ran my KK into AA after about 8 hours play which is annoying but pretty standard really. I played well at the start but kinda tilted a bit after some donk sucked out on me in a big pot that would have put me up to 75k when the average was about 30k, instead I was back to average and spewed off some chips. I calmed down over the dinner break and later got moved table and I shoved QJ in the first hand for the flop to read JJJ and my opponents TT drawing dead. Put all my chips in a few more times but got no customers which was a good thing. Was a well run festival with the usual people at it. A lot of familar faces from Killarney there.

The other tournaments were today where I satellited into the Sunday Warm Up and cashed for $406 which was fine and also the $75 6 max game on FT were I cashed for $133. I tried a few other small buyin tournaments and satellites as well today but nothing of note to report.

About 15mins ago I lost HU for a $2.8k package to the GJP deepstack game next year. Played pretty poorly in this to be fair, got lucky a few times but the structure was a pure crapshoot with the final table being allin or fold. My exit hand was as follows which was kinda strange to say the least. The villan limped the btn which I seen him do 4 hands ago with 35s. He had 36bb and I had 12bb. I look down at 9dTd and ship them in. He snap called with Q8o and takes down the ticket.

Cash went pretty ok this month, had $1.8k in winnings. The last week went well as I was stuck before that. Stats and graph are below as usual. I have been meaning to write a post about being in the right frame of mind and having the correct attitude before I start into an online session. Hopefully I will get it written up in the next few days. Bankroll is just over $10.5k at the moment with some bonuses to come in, about $500 so that will boost it to $11k by the end of the week. Hopefully I can have a heater now for the end of the year and get as close as possible to my inital goal of a $20k roll for the start of 2009. Going to be pretty unlikely now unless I win some tournament as I can't see me winning 45BI at 200nl this month.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

October, poor online, good offline

October is best described by the title really. Online was not much of a success at all. I started the month with a $6k bankroll and by the end I had $8.9k but $2k of this I had deposited from winnings in a 1/2 and 2/5 cash games in Las Vegas. I had brought money out of my roll to play over there so felt it was only right that I put it back online again. I didn't put my Killarney win back into my poker account, basically funded some of my holiday with that and lived it up a bit more than I would have had I not have won.

Online I won about $30 playing about 13k hands or so which is the lowest amount I have gotten in this year yet. Results wise I done ok at 200nl and not so well at 400nl. I think I played well enough at both I think, I made some high variance plays at 400nl that I probably should have avoided considering I was taking a shot at it. Making some plays like 5b shoving 89s and TJo against light 4 betters didn't work out to well when I got called by AT and AQ even though I had a nitty image.

I've been playing more HU last month again. Some of the results aren't in the graph as I played some on my brothers laptop and FTP didn't save the hand historys for some reason but the results are good which is the main thing. I really like playing it, especially if I can get 2 tables going against the same person. It makes for some interesting spots depending on what hand is going on on 1 table and what's happening on the other and create some good dynamics. In general 100nl HU is very soft on any site I played it on. I will try and take a few shots at 200nl when the bankroll gets bigger. 60+ buyins would be what I would like for 200nl HU as the variance is so much higher. The annoying thing about it is that its quite hard to get games if there are no fish around. The so called "regs" don't want to play you if you are any way good at all. So many times I've sat down to play, the "reg" is basically hoping I'm some fish but after 20 hands or so types in "gg" and leaves.

So October is over and we are in November already, things have started of well this month and hopefully they will continue like that. My goal when I started this blog was to have a $20k roll at the start of 2009, that is never going to happen now, as I type this it stands at 10.5k, I have taken out more money that I would have liked so if I had not of withdrawn I would have about 16k which would probably have seen me with the 20k roll but hey you got to treat yourself every now and again as well. I'm getting closer to clearing my IO ticket, I'm about 73% of the way there now. Another 12k hands at 200nl should see my clear it so hopefully I will have that done by the end of the month. I guess the new goal for January would be to have 400nl as my regular 6max game and 200nl as my regular HU game.

Graph for October attached below, ran a little bad to be fair, low green line shows what I should have won if there was no "luck" in poker but hey thats poker :)

Will post graph later, at work now!!