Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking a break

That's it really

Sunday, March 8, 2009

....................... and a little challenge

Poker has being going really really bad lately, just nothing is working at all. I have lost all confidence in my game at the moment. 6max is going OK I guess but I haven't really being playing much of it at all. At HU I have invested a lot of time into it in the last 6 weeks or so and I am not getting any rewards from it at all. In total I am up about $1.3k from it but all that came from hands at 1/2 when a mate was sweating me so really I am break-even at HU which just sucks so so much after having played close to 25k hands at it so far. My results for the year so far are pretty miserable and the targets that I set at the start of the year are looking hugely optimistic and at the time I thought that I was holding back at what I could achieve.

I guess when I set a goal of $50k in cash games it seemed pretty easy to do as its only like 11buyins per month at 400nl and you have it. Problem is I am no longer rolled for 400nl as I have taken out much more money that I am currently making so even though i am up 3k this year my bankroll is 6k smaller than what it started off at in January so I'm just going to have to stop withdrawing for the time being until I can get my roll build back up to a reasonable amount again and be better rolled for 400nl.

I've being playing some tournaments in the last while and they are just soul destroying, its quite sick the beats that I have taken when being deep in numerous tournaments. I dunno, I guess most lads that play them would say that their is a lot of skill in them but if you can't win flips or AQ against AQ etc then you are fucked.

Anyway I actually started this post yesterday when I was really annoyed and pissed off so today I had a while to think about it and I also read Spencer James Blog which I find good as I like the way he talks about the game and seems kinda level headed and he also seems to be having a shit time with poker. So with those things in mind I decided to set myself a small challenge, I basically took a screenshot of my HM winnings for the year so far in each stake and game type and seeing as its got a lot of red figures in it I want to turn them green. So here it is below:

So the idea is to beat each stake below 2/4 for at least 5BB/100. Hopefully the 100nl 6max will be easy enough to beat, I'm not trying to beat them over huge sample sizes or anything but one thing is for sure that by the time I get it done my roll will be much better than it is now, currently I have about $8.5k online with about $1k more in satellites and tokens. So with a fresh approach and some rules for HU set in my head I hope to get back into the winning way again because poker just ain't any fun losing or breaking even. So with that in mind off I go to start this challenge!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Patrol - Run

I present to you: Snow Patrol - Run from the O2 last night

I was in the O2 last night to see Snow Patrol, my favorite band and they didn't disappoint, it was a great concert and the O2 is a deadly venue for a concert.

I did manage to play a few hands of HU yesterday and got the craziest action I have ever seen in my whole time playing poker. This guy just didn't fold preflop at all for any amount of money or % of his stack, he was opening to huge amounts and re raising 90% of my opens so I got it in pretty light against him a few times but he got it in lighter and obviously won them all. At one stage he had $800 on the table and I had $100 but I got it back pretty quickly as he was just so wreck less and crazy and wouldn't fold a pair at all or a gutshot or any part of the flop at all so was pretty easy to win it all back once I had some kind of pair. I was so scared the whole time that he would just quit me but thankfully he stayed to give all the money back and some more!!