Sunday, June 20, 2010

Early night

Was planning a late night picking up multiple WSOP packages but just after busting out of 4 satellites. I played Cake, Betfair, ipoker and PokerStars. Was planning on playing Full Tilt as well but it was going to depend on how I was doing in the others. Seeing as I had busted the rest of them before Full Tilt started I just had no interest in playing it then. Not going to rhyme out my bad beats for the night but it would have been nice to run like normal and win a few allins but wasn't to be. Will try 1 or 2 live satellites when I get to Vegas as a last ditch effort.

Would be nice to qualify obviosuly but if I don't there are still plenty of other great tournaments on while I am out there so intend playing a few of them anyway. Only 9 days to go now till I fly out. Can't wait!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well I finished the promotion earlier in the week. Took me almost $98k hands and over $12k in rake to finish it. Ended up winning smallish in the end at the cash games. Was up almost $10k with about 3 days to go but ran extremely bad last Sunday especially at 3/6 and 5/10. One particular bad 5 minutes was losing with AA on an A35K5 board to 55!!, getting AA and AK both beaten by AKo allin preflop with both making 4 flushes. But that being said I ran pretty well overall, I don't think I'll ever take on such a promotion again as it took me 177 hours of play in about 7 weeks which is far too much poker for me to be playing. Took up a hell of a lot of my free time and I am really glad to have that back again.

So after it all now I have the seat into event 54 in WSOP, 6 nights in a 5star hotel, $1.3k in spending money and picked up $2.7k in bonuses along the way also. Now I still have 67k points so have the option of getting to 70k and getting a $750 bonus or else I can get to 100k and have a ticket for the Irish Winter Festival which is on next October I think, the ticket is much better value but its also hard to turn cash so not 100% sure what I will do there yet. In rakeback % terms it wasn't as much as Paddy Power had advertised but don't regret this too much as it worked out at a pretty good incentive to play as there isn't a chance I would have played as many hands otherwise and probably wouldn't have went to Vegas either unless I was to get a ticket in the supersats so the incentives were good.

Tomorrow night there are a number of mega satellites for the WSOP main event so will be playing 3 or 4 of them and fingers crossed can pick up a ticket for that. Failing that I will try 1 or 2 live satellites in Vegas for it. If I don't make it there are plenty of other tournaments on while I am there which are pretty good value.

Swingy graph of the whole promo below, some strange enough stats as well. The amounts I won and lost at the different currencies is weird. I guess its probably just to down variance rather than the games being tougher at £ and € tables at 200nl. Even though the winrates are pretty small I can probably put some of this down to not table selecting enough and always playing 12 tables or more. I am looking forward to just playing normally again and not having to grind out hands so much. Hopefully now this can help me get up to playing at 2/4 more often again as I had decent enough success in the small sample that I played there.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

92%, almost there

92% done with 1 day left to go!! Probably won't get it finished tomorrow as I would have to play about 8 hours to get it done. From what I hear if I can get it finished in the next few days it will be fine anyway but would really like to finish it tomorrow. Will depend on the weather I reckon!!

Today went well with me getting about 4% done and winning about $3.5k, played some €10/20 when there was a good spot in the game but didnt run all that well and lost a small amount in this game. At one stage I had €3.5k on the table and a couple of players had me covered, was playing fairly tight and not getting out of line at all. €3.5k is just way to scary for me to lose so took the cautious approach by flatting with AK a few times against the better players but ultimately it came down to a flip when I put my money in vs the fish. Pot was over $3k which is by far the biggest pot I have every played and ended up losing it with my JJ not holding vs AK. I even flopped a clean flush draw but couldn't hit my J or heart and the the fish got some more money which he eventually gave back to the table. Was a good experience for me and hopefully sometime in the future I can play there again but be actually rolled for it and not a scared pussy cat like I was today!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

70% there

Good enough week $ wise but really finding it tough to get the hands in. Played 10k hands since I last updated on Sunday. I have won every day I have played since so at the end of the day that is more important than just getting hands in.

Off to Donegal now for the weekend, can't wait to take a spin on the new M3. Will bring Donegal a lot closer to Dublin now. It really is great to see all these new roads getting opened up, one good thing about the Celtic Tiger era!!

I probably won't get a chance to play now until Sunday evening but with Monday being a day off I will try and make up some time there, basically only 8 days to go now!!!