Sunday, January 10, 2010


So first of all Happy New Year to all my readers. Just got back into poker today for the first time this year. Was away sking for the last week so haven't played any poker in the last 11 days which was a nice break away from the game. Saying that though I have been looking forward to getting back into it after the break off and hopefully will be refreshed and will get back playing better than before. Things got of to a winning start in the short sessions I played today which is exactly what I wanted. Got some heads up action against a regular and destroyed him so that was a confidence booster. Won about $300 from him before he quit me and also played a couple of hands against a few other guys before they went bust/quit. I am well set up this year bankroll wise now after finishing 2009 with a few tournament results and winning some in cash.

The plan will be to play only 100nl for this month mainly at HU/6max but also to get some more PLO hands in also. Going into February I aim to be in a position to be playing 200nl 6max. I have sufficent money on 3 different sites were I am very comfortable to be playing my games so with that I aim to game select much more this year and try play the best games possible over my 3 sites. Towards the end of last year I started playing some heads up SNGs. I done quite well in the small sample that I played so this is something else that I plan to play more off.

I have tried to make up an excel document to track all my profits/loses for the year. I'm not very good at excel, I can do basic stuff but wouldn't be much use at working out formulas across multiple sheets but am giving it a go. I am just basically trying to keep a very accurate track on how things are going for me. Nothing else to mention for now, will post again around the weekend.