Sunday, November 21, 2010

40k hands done now

Had a bad weekend of poker, lost $3k on Saturday at 200nl. Ran $2k below EV again but also played pretty poor and made a couple of tilty plays. Got a bit of it back today but still down about 1.2k for the month after being up 1k on Friday. Volume wise its going well so far, may not hit the 60k hands but I will be very close and happy with it as long as I can be in profit for the month also.

I had a really sick hand against Martin Klaesser, hes a German Full Tilt Pro. He is playing almost all the time, I dont think hes that good but he does seem to pretty well against me. I picked up AA on the button, the cutoff was after opening to $6 and I raised him to $18, myself and Klaeser were $500 deep at $1/2 and he raised me against to $48. I went for a call but could easily have 5b him here but he sqzes so much that I know his range is mostly crap and we have had quite a lot of battles in previous hands and he knows I would be flatting everything I 3bet against him here.

Flop came down 7c9s3h and he check calls my $55 bet into a $104 pot. The turn comes a 6c which I am not that happy about as I think it does give him some 2 pair hands and straights. We still have $400 behind and pot is $215, Klaeser checks so I bet $145 and he check raises allin. I more or less instantly called, as I think with the money already in the pot I have to call against his range. I also think he could play KK like this a bit as well and would have lots of combo draw hands in his range. I only need 24% equity to call him and I am pretty sure I have it. I also wasnt bet/folding the turn either as I think that would be a huge mistake with the hand I have.

He turned over Tc9c and had still had huge equity in the hand (39%) and he took down the $1k pot by hitting the T on the river. I am not sure about his post flop line, I like his c/c on the flop but the turn is tricky spot I think, he cant fold thats for sure but not sure if hes better to c/c again or play it as he did. Interesting enough hand I thought and the turn from his point of view is the most interesting.

I got my Black Card status on FTP today which should give me an extra few % rakeback through cash bonuses that can be bought with the points that you accumulate. I didnt get up any mornings this week as I was still hungover and tired from the weekend. I also added up my loses from morning play and I was quite astonised to see that I was down about $5.5k from playing in the morning time. I actually felt the games were softer then but I had no idea I was losing so much due to me winning in the evenings and almost balancing it out. I am going to try and give it a go again this month. Funds in my PP account are low and would like to boost them a bit so hopefully can book a few winning sessions this week.

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