Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vegas and other stuff

Got back from Vegas about a week and a half ago. Was glad to be leaving by the end of it as I ran pretty badly in anything I done over there. Tournaments were a total disaster, I played the $1k wsop side event, got it in with KK vs AA and then got knocked out with my AK getting outdrawn by AJ allin preflop. Next tournament up was a Venetian deepstack with me getting a decent stack in against a very aggro Euro who 4b shoved on me with K3s against my 99 and I couldn't hold. After that it was a satellite for the WSOP main event were my AK ran into JJ allin pre again, so was on to the last mega satellite were I first got 4 outered on the river by some old American guy and then just to finish me off with live poker in Vegas another old American guy does the 1minute slowroll on me with the AA when I had put all my money in preflop with the KK.

So enough of the bad beats, the rest of the trip was really good with my mate Nelius coming 6th in the Sunday Million for $48k. Was a pretty funny story as he called over to my hotel room to rail me as I was doing well in a few Sunday tournaments. He brought the laptop with him and decided to play a hyper turbo for the Sunday Million and he just finished up the satellite 1 minute after registration and the poor lad had to play it then as it was too late to unregister. He had only planned on winning some $T as it was 4th of July and the plan was to go out in Vegas So another one of the lads called over and we had a few beers and room service arrived with the dinner as it was about 8 hours into the Sunday Million and no sign of him getting knocked out at all, Final table came along with the first few pay jumps being $15k so it was pretty exciting stuff. Unfortunately his 55 couldn't hold against AQ and we missed most of 4th of July but ended up having a pretty good night after that.

Before I left I had finished up with my job of 4 years, handed in my notice for pastures new when I cam back from Vegas. Was a pretty big move and who knows if it will pay off. Luckily enough I have managed to get a temporary 5 week job which will give me some very good experience in an area that I really want to get into. Poker has also being going really well since I have got back with me re cooping all my Vegas losses and some more. Maybe I just spoke to soon, just lost heads up as I wrote this for a €2k tournament in France. Oh well!!! Could be worse won my biggest pot ever earlier though were I sucked out pretty badly against 1 player in a pot that was worth €2.5k. My 22 was too good for AJ and JJ on a 264J board with a magical 2 on the river!!

Anyway that's enough bad beats for 1 day

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vegas time

Arrived in Vegas very late on Wednesday night, left Dublin at 12.30pm and it was 12.30am (Vegas time) when I eventually got to my hotel. Turned out to be a pretty nasty journey with our flight getting delayed and spending almost 6 hours in JFK as a result. Thankfully the hotel was amazing when we got here. Staying in one of these, the room is just pure class and have a pretty decent view as well up on the 42nd floor.

So far results wise I have got off to a pretty terrible start, I played the $1k event today which started off really well. I was playing super tight for the first 45mins or so when I opened 69s in MP and the button and BB called. The flop came down Q55 and I cbet 200 into the 300 pot, both players called me but the button looked in real pain when calling. The turn then came a 7 giving me a gutshot so I decided that I was going to take another stab at this one as both players seemed pretty weak. I bet 600 and the button tank folded and the BB called. The river was a magical 8 and he put me allin for my 1.8k, I duely called and he said you are probably good. His QJo was no match for my straight.

So was up to about 6k then when the blinds have just gone up to 25/50, I raise KK to 150 and I get 3bet to 450 by a pretty tight player. The guy with the QJo from earlier shoved the last of his chips in and I raise to 1.1k and got shoved on by the tight guy with the AA!! He turned a flush and I was drawing dead. So then had my stack put down to 2.7k and played really tight again for another few orbits, when the guy to my right min raised to 100, I made a pretty big 3b to 425 and he shoved allin, my AK was no good though against his AJo and to the rail I went. Not much I could have done different. I have % in 2 others players so hopefully one of them can take it down for me!!

Have played some live cash as well which I am also down in, playing just ok at that. Standard is pretty bad so hopefully can win some back in that. Also played a bit online which went well. Paddy Power brought us out last night to a very nice restaurant in the Wynn. SW lived up to its reputation as the best steakhouse in Vegas. Had a 4 course meal there which was very nice indeed. We had a private room just off the main restaurant free drink all evening so turned out to be a pretty good night out. Feeling it today though!!

I plan to play some more tournaments over the next few days, the deepstack games in the Venetian look good so will play some of them and also will try some of the megasats for the WSOP main event. Will probably play some more live cash, playing 1/2 at the minute, will stick to that until I can build up some cash as I am waiting for money to come in from Neteller which is taking its time to say the least. Anyway time for some rest!!