Sunday, October 3, 2010

One aim this month, get even

Had my worst start to a month ever, after losing over $6k in first 2 days. For some reason anytime I have a good month the following one is always bad. This has happened everytime I've had a 10k month I proceed to have a losing month after that. So with that in mind my only aim this month is to play as many hands as it takes to get even. So I am around $6k in the red right now. Today I played 3.5k hands and made less than $50. It was all rush poker but will probably mostly play on ipoker for the rest of the month as I have a better rakeback deal there and if I'm putting in a lot of hands I may as well see the benefit of that at the end of the month.

It's so frustrating to get my bankroll up to over 20k, then make a large withdrawel and a few days later is almost cut in half. My own personal plan was to have a $40k bankroll to start 2011 with but that is very unlikely right now. If I had of wrote this a couple of days ago I would have been pretty confident to make it to maybe even 50k.

Since I last posted I played a live tournament were I played like an over aggro monkey. I find it very tough to play live tournaments and will not be buying into any in the near future. I will try 2 satellites on Paddy Power for the Irish Winter Festival as there is 2 big guarantees on there in the next couple of weekends.

Anyway going to try and update every day I play this month to motivate me to make sure I make some money this month. After a fierce downswing I am a huge believer in just booking a win no matter how small it is. I think its good for the mental side of your game just to see that you've had a winning day. So when I go back to even today I quit and hopefully I can string a couple of winnng days together now.

Lovely graph so far this month below:

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