Monday, October 4, 2010

Booked a win

Played a very short session this evening. 34 minutes in total, yielding $173. Played 500 hands of rush poker and to be honest I've no idea how I ended down $100, finished the session thinking I was up at least $100 but its very tough to keep track of your hands when playing it but non the less I was down. A couple of hands I didn't play great, failed to get enough value after a bad turn and the other hand I valued towned myself when I value bet KJ on a K high board and got called by KQ, but not too worried about that.

Opened a bunch of HU tables and two regular played me, one on Paddy Power and the other on Full Tilt, the PP guy hit and ran me, won a 50bb pot on his 4th hand and insta quit. It's one of the most frustrating things that happens so often when playing headsup. On FTP I played over 100 hands with the guy before I quit myself, could only play a short session and let him know that before we hand many hands played but he still bitched and moaned at the end!! But very happy to have 2 winning days in a row, only $5.9k to break even for the month now, at this rate I wouldn't make it but I just want to build up a few winning sessions in a row to get some confidence back into my game again.

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